Adolescent Community

Ages 12-18

Our adolescent program is designed for students in the third plane of development (ages 12-18). We aim to meet the unique developmental needs of adolescents through purposeful work, student-led activities, and multi-age groupings. The programs emphasize independence, self-management, and student choice within a supportive environment. Academics focus on experiential, hands-on learning through long, uninterrupted work periods. The curriculum includes advanced course work, projects, and community service. Our students incorporate 21st-century technology tools that serve to facilitate learning goals.

We guide instruction through a blended pedagogy of Montessori methods and Georgia State Standards. Students engage in differentiated digital learning through Acellus\under the facilitated guidance of the classroom teacher. Students participate in Project Based Learning (PBL) to apply academic knowledge. Acellus is utilized to provide academic and elective options for instruction to blend with PBL. Quizzes are done inside Acellus for students to familiarize themselves with testing and quizzes. In addition, SAT and/or ACT preparation with practice questions are implemented in Upper Adolescence.

Students engage in leadership opportunities, business and economic experiences, environmental studies, technology lessons, and a balance between academics and wellbeing. Our teachers respect adolescents’ need for adequate rest and positive school/life balance. The goal is to nurture self-worth through meaningful work and problem-solving. Herein, students develop personal responsibility and an understanding of their role in the community.

Our adolescent program is tailored to support adolescents academically, socially, and emotionally. The priorities are developing independence, critical thinking skills, creativity, and a sense of purpose. The ultimate aims are for students to gain self-confidence, exhibit social responsibility, and become ethical contributors to society. The programs strive to cultivate engaged, lifelong learners.