Infants & Young Toddlers

6 weeks –17.9 months

Infants and young Toddlers learn and grow in a spacious room with more than 800 square feet with boundaries separating the play and rest areas. We engage our infants with age-appropriate toys and Montessori manipulatives. This design helps to activate the child’s creativity and thinking. The Montessori hands-on manipulatives include cause-and-effect toys and soft block building. Teachers engage our infants and young toddlers by singing and storytelling. At least 30 minutes of reading to infants is done daily. Communication is done verbally as well as with ASL.

Each child develops at his or her own pace.The Modern Montessori practices help each child progress and achieve age-appropriate milestones. Each child’s progress is individually recorded as he or she learns specific milestones. Teachers share each child’s progress with the parents via a series of progress reports throughout the school year. These reports are also reviewed at conferences that are held each semester.

Each child will be guided in the following areas:

  • Social/EmotionalDevelopment – Positivelyinteracting with others.
  • Gross MotorSkills Development – Movement and Dance.
  • Fine Arts – MusicandArt.
  • Academic Learning
  • Language Arts – Language and Vocabulary
  • Mathematics – Patterns, Shapes and Numbers
  • Colors

We provide an infant nursing area for your use.

Teachers care for each infant and avoid letting an infant cry for sustained periods of time. Parents receive a daily activity report of your child’s feeding, diapering, and napping habits.

Our teacher-to-student ratio during Montessori work cycles are aligned with the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) guidelines for instruction. Our teacher-to-student ratios during the Montessori work cycle ratio is 1:4.

Our teacher-to-student ratios during naptime and recess are aligned with the State of Georgia guidelines. Our teacher-to-student ratio during nap time or free play is 1:6.