Upper Elementary

9 years– 11.9 years

Our Upper Elementary program includes third to fifth grade students maturing into adolescence. Knowledge acquisition is forged through age-appropriate cognitive challenges as students transition from concrete learning to more abstract thinking. Students develop a reliance on various learning resources and formulate new knowledge in a Constructivist pedagogy. Acellus is utilized at this level to provide core instructional academics with quizzes for assessment. Individuals begin to develop deeper connections to the collective community and broader, more complex world.

Students develop more mature practical life skills as they grow in age and academic understanding. Upper elementary students learn to voice opinions, problem-solve, and make predictions. Teachers use technology to teach keyboarding, research skills, and for other specific objectives. Students may be introduced to business, mechanics, physics, zoology, botany, and foreign language subjects.

Montessori works aid each child’s learning. The indoor learning environment accentuates the natural light. Outdoor learning may include gardening and exploring in nature. Project-based learning challenges each student to plan and prioritize while engaging in unique hands-on projects like carpentry, entrepreneurship, and home economics.

The Georgia Accreditation Commission requires private schools to administer a standardized test every three years. Our teachers administer an annual standardized test in grades three and up. The student who take the standardized test view it as a learning opportunity. Students are not provided a test grade. Only the teachers and parents are provided the test results. The test results are used solely for evaluation and as a guide for differentiated instruction.