Tuition Details

Scholarships are available for ALL ages at Liberty Eagle Academy. At your tour, details and options including state scholarships that your child may be eligible for will be reviewed!

Liberty Eagle Academy offers different options – the traditional 10 month School Program that follows a traditional school calendar with spring, fall, and winter breaks. This option is good for those families with other children in public schools that take these breaks off or for those families that vacation frequently during breaks and Summer not needing childcare at that time. The 10 month School Program is paid only for the 10 months the child is in school (Summer is optional and portions of the Summer can be added ‘a la carte).’

The year round 12 month School Childcare Program is best for the family that needs childcare through spring, fall and winter breaks and who may not go travelling during the Summer (some families travel different times of the year). The 12 month Childcare program is one of the best choices for our Early Childhood program, especially our younger infant and toddler children! It is paid monthly over 12 months.

The 10 month School Program is a traditional scholastic calendar year (August-May) and strives to follow local school calendars (see our calendar) with breaks and summer.

The Year Round 12 month program is a discounted price that includes the scholastic year with childcare provided during Holiday breaks & Summer Camp! This program excludes certain holidays and teacher in-service days. This is paid monthly over 12 months. Childcare Break Program hours are 8a-4p (early stay & late stay are only available during traditional school days)! Summer Camp program hours are 8a-3p with Late Stay available 3:15-6p. Spots are limited!

With either program, you may bring your own lunch or pay for us to provide it during the school year! This is a great option if you have an Infant who is not eating yet or want to bring your own child’s lunch due to preference, pickiness and/or food allergies! Lunch must be USDA & LEA School approved.

Tuition is prorated for children beginning in the middle of the school year. Call us if you have any questions!


Liberty Eagle Academy’s calendar is subject to change, and the school may delay opening, dismiss early, or close in the event of bad weather.

This calendar will always be the most updated version:

We follow the City of Carrollton School System for breaks and are excited to offer two different tuition plans!

The 10-month School Program includes the days in white and blue and is paid monthly over 10 months; this follows the Carrollton City school calendar closely.

The Year round School Program includes the school year plus all the spring, fall, and winter breaks as well as through Summer (the days in white, blue, yellow, & green) and is paid monthly over 12 months.


If you are interested in enrolling your child at Liberty Eagle Academy, please contact us for a tour! An enrollment packet and tuition contract along with your Welcome Packet will be given to you at your tour!